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Acute effects of exercise and calorie restriction on triglyceride metabolism in women.

Adherence to a Mediterranean diet and survival in a Greek population

Adherence to Mediterranean diet and anthropometric and metabolic parameter in an observational study in the 'Alto Molise' region: the MOLI-SAL project.

Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and risk of coronary heart disease in the Spanish EPIC Cohort Study.

Adherence to the Mediterranean diet and risk of metabolic syndrome and its components.

Adherence to the Mediterranean diet is associated with lower abdominal adiposity in European men and women.

Adherence to the traditional Mediterranean diet is inversely associated with body mass index and obesity in a Spanish population.

Adolescent obesity in Lebanese private schools.

Anti-inflammatory diets for obesity and diabetes.

Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of clove and cardamom extracts.

Apple phytochemicals and their health benefits.

Are current dietary habits in Mediterranean islands a reflection of the past? Results from the MEDIS study.

Aspects of ancient Greek trade re-evaluated with amphora DNA evidence.

Association between dietary patterns and the risk of metabolic syndrome among Lebanese adults.

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